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2013 Posters

A collection of online interactive posters to compliment our normal ones.

We have sent posters to a schools all around the island of Ireland, but unfortunately we only have a limited number. We have provided the posters here for you to download if you want to print some more.

Clicking on any of the poster icons will bring up a high resolution picture of the poster.


Florence Nightingale

To the right is a poster detailing the important contributions of Florence Nightingale. Although she is better known as a nurse, Nightingale also nurtured a love of mathematics. When she presented her research about the sanitary conditions of hospitals and the relation these conditions had to mortality rates, she did so with an important innovation; namely the pie chart. The ability to display this kind of information in such an accessible manner allowed her to use a mathematical argument to help sway public policy, a difficult thing to do even today.

Mathematicians of Ireland

Ireland has made truly remarkable contributions to maths in the past, but unfortunately we as a country seldom seem to acknowledge it. This poster aims to celebrate at least some of the truly remarkable Irish people who have helped to make Ireland's connection with maths so rich.

Maths of Planet Earth

2013 has been internationally recognised as a special year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth. Maths Week Ireland will be celebrating the year too, first and foremost through the poster shown here.

Pretty much everything in the world can be modeled using some form of maths, from the statistics and geometry shown here to more complex studies such as the movements of stars and galaxies.

The Three Bears

This poster is perfect for teaching the basic maths skills which underlie the maths we use to get through our daily lives such as pattern recognition, sorting by similarity and arranging objects by a sequence. Ideal for younger children.

Secondary School Maths Poster

This poster aimed at secondary school students showcases some of often overlooked occasions when maths has an impact in our lives. From offering insights into natural beauty to helping you understand where all you money is going. A key message of Maths Week has always been that maths is not something which primarily takes place in a class room, nor is it something relevant only to those people with "maths brains". This poster aims to drive that message home.

Primary School Maths Poster

A simple poster hoping to convey the omnipresence of maths in our world; from games, engineering projects, sports, planets and gadgets. The poster is aimed at primary school students, but can easily be used anywhere.