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George Boole Bicenetneary

2015 marks two hundred years since the birth of George Boole, the founder of modern logic and computing. Ireland will be commemorating this occasion throughout the year, and Maths Week 2015 will be honoring one of Cork's most important figures too.


Today marks the beginning of an important year for Irish Mathematicians; the bicentenary of George Boole. Launched today by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the President of University College Cork, Michael Murphy. Born in 1815 in Lincoln, Boole moved to Ireland in 1849 to take up a position as professor of mathematics in what was then known as Queen's College Cork. He had a broad range of interests, but his most important contributions were in the area of logic, a field whose modern incarnation is entirely indebted to him.

Launched in parallel with the Web Summit in Dublin, Boole's bicentenary is a year long event running throughout 2015 hoping to celebrate the man and his contributions. Throughout the year, titled "George Boole 200", a number of different events will be taking place including three academic talks about Boole's legacy today, a revitalisation of his house in Cork and two different biographies of his life will be released, one written and one a film biography. The event will culminate in a special event on "Boole Day" on the 5th of November when his birthday will be commemorated.

Maths Week will be celebrating this remarkable man in 2015 alongside the rest of the country. More details will be announced in the coming months, but for now please check our "Maths Heros" section here, which has a little more background about him and his family.