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Maths and Art in the Irish Times

An excellent article about the various goings-on during Maths Week, particularly with regard to the mathematical background of Salvador Dali.

Professor Tom Banchoff, a mathematician who spent a great deal of time discussing his ideas with Salvador Dali, has given a fantastic interview with Dick Ahlstrom of the Irish Times. The interview covers topics ranging from the the Banchoff's mathematical ideas to the influence they had on Dali to his quirky character.

Of particular interest to Dali was the idea of spacial dimensions beyond the traditional three that we are used to thinking in, as he felt this was a fantastic example of transcendental thought. These geometrical ideas inspired him when painting on a number of subjects, most notably those concerning God. This area has been Banchoff's life work as a geometer, and his expertise in the area earned him an audience with the painter throughout his life.

Banchoff will be expanding on these ideas explored in the interview throughout the week at a number of his talks, listed here.