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The John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2015

Ireland's largest statistics competition is returning once again for 2015.


One of the most important goals of Maths Week has always been to encourage mathematical thinking in the young people of Ireland. We have thankfully never had to tackle this task alone, having been blessed with a number of partners who share this view.

The John Hooper Medal for Statistics is an annual competition, open to anyone under the age of eighteen, which rewards students who use statistics to answer a question which they think needs answering and presenting their results as an informative poster on the topic. Organised by the CSO, the competition tries to encourage students to see maths as relevant in their everyday lives while also learning to work as part of a team. The CSO even offers some fairly impressive prizes, including 1,600 euros for the winning team and their school for first place!

Open to teams of two or three students with two age categories, one for students born later than 1996 and one for students born later than 1999. Registration must be done by the teams teacher before the 23rd of January and the poster itself must be submitted to the CSO by the 13th of February.

You can find more information about the competition in the link here.