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Budget Leaks

Amid all the budget leaks I discovered that my garden tap was leaking. Concerned about water conservation I went to repair it straight away. But, before I did I took a measuring jug from the kitchen and placed it under the offending tap. It took 1 minute 36 seconds to fill to the 1 litre mark. I wondered how much this might have cost me per year if it wasn’t discovered assuming that it was charged at Irish Water’s rate of €2.44 per cubic metre.


Solution: You would be charged €801.54 and the same again in wastewater charges.


Firstly we calculate how many litres per second flows from the tap.

1 litre flows in 1 minute 36 seconds

As 1 minute is 60 seconds the time can be written as 96 seconds

If we divide 1 (litre) by 96 (seconds) we get the flow as



There are 3600 seconds in 1 hour

So if the  flows from the tap in 1 second we multiply this by 3600 to find that flows in 1 hour.

There are 24 hours in a day so  x 24 = litres per day

There are 360 days in a year so multiplying by 365 gives us

Litres per year.


Now, there are 1000 litres in a cubic metre.

So we divide by 1000 to express the wastage in cubic metres


1 cubic metre costs €2.44

So there will be a cost of 2.44 x

= €801.54

This is the cost of the water. Irish Water will also charge the same for wastewater assessed on your water usage.


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