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Careers and maths

Have you ever wondered how or if you might use maths when you leave school? There are very few careers that do not involve some element of maths. Here we seek to highlight what some of these careers are and how they use maths.

Career:Description of how it uses maths:
Architect Architects use maths in lots of different ways. Geometry is one of the biggest aspects that they draw on on a daily basis to form the correct spatial dimensions of a building. Architects would use proofs such as Phythagorus' theorem regularly in their work.
Builder Maths is the foundation of the work that a builder does. They must take the plans that the architect has drawn and make them a reality. Taking accurate measurements and calculating ratios is a basic, for example, calculating the proportion of the roof's length to its height.
Farmer To be in the business of farming completing mathematical calculations is a must. Estimation is a key skill as much of farming is unpredictable due to fluctuating markets and weather. Farmers need to estimate and plan their net income or profit margin.

IT Technician


Maths is the foundation when working in the IT sector. Computing is based completely on coding and somebody working in this industry will have to have varying levels of understanding depending on their role.
Nurse Nurses routinely use maths in their everyday work. They will complete addition, subtraction, fractions, ratios and algebraic equations to ensure the right amount of medication is given to patients and that their health is continually monitored.
Retailer One attribute of a successful retailer is a high profit margin. This will involve buying the correct produce at a cost that will allow a high profit margin.
Tailor Calculating the correct measurements when making any piece of clothing is vital. Body proportion, for example, arm length to height, need to be considered so appropriate garments can be made to suit the client.