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Raheny Heritage Society Publication:


Raheny Memories (Published 2015) €7 plus P+P

The book is the memories of local man Joe Bell who was born in 1926 and lived at the Blackbanks.  In the memoirs, Joe walks from his home up and around Raheny village as well as the surrounding countryside that he knew and loved so well. He describes a way of life long gone now and reflects on the changes in Raheny from the thirties to the eighties when it grew from a small rural village to become a Dublin suburb.This memoir which was written in 1988 has been annotated by Raheny Heritage Society.


Raheny Footprints (Published 2010)                                                            €12 plus P+P

This publication features some men and women who have lived in Raheny at various times and who have, by their achievements, locally and nationally, truly left their ‘Footprints in the Sands of Time’.

Raheny Heritage Trail (Reprinted 2014)                                                     €3 plus P+P

This booklet has been produced to create an awareness of Raheny’s historic past among both natives and visitors.  The trail can be easily followed from the map in the centre of the booklet

The Census of Raheny and Environs -  1901 & 1911 (reprinted 2001)     €2 plus P+P


1901 Census Returns of Clontarf East.(published 2002)                           €2 plus P+P


1901 Census Returns of Clontarf West. (published 2005)                         €2 plus P+P



All of our publications are available from the society or from the following local bookshop –

Paper Pieces,Raheny Shopping Centre, Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5.

Raheny Footprints is also available on line at the publishers Original Writings at