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Lismore duo wins National Scifest Finals

28th October 2011 - A project from Blackwater Community School Lismore won the national finals of Scifest. Eoghan Flynn and Ruairi O'Neill follow in the footsteps of Robert Boyle with a project that involves chemistry and physics and addresses a major challenge to mankind!
Waterford's Blackwater Community School wins Scifest Final

Eoghan and Ruairi with winning project

Eoghan and Ruairi impressed the judges with their project "Polydiesel-a novel solution to fuel shortages and disposal of ELPs" in which they converted waste plastic bottles (ELPs - end of life plastics) into fuel oil. They beat off excellent competition from winners of all the other regional finalists. In addition to the national award they will now represent Ireland at Intel ISEF 2012, the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg in May 2012. The pair had qualified for the finals by winning the Intel Award at Scifest in WIT which was organised by Calmast.

Coordinator of Waterford Scifest, Sheila Donegan welcomed the announcement. "Calmast is delighted to hear of the continuing success of Eoghan and Ruairi with this amazing project, which really captured the imagination of judges at WIT's Scifest."

Calmast's Eoin Gill also added, "congratulations also to Teacher David King who continues a great tradition of science projects at Lismore's Blackwater Community School. It is great to see these students follow in the footsteps of Lismore's Robert Boyle with their scienctific investigations".

Mr King acknowledged the influence of Boyle. " All my students at Blackwater Community School are keenly aware of the importance of Robert Boyle in the history of science and are proud of the town's connection. It is definitely a motivating factor to the students and a big factor in our success over the years in the BT Young Scientist and now winning the highest honours from among several thousand entrants at Scifest. I am particularly delighted for the lads who displayed exceptional innovation in their ideas and ingenuity in their investigations and we would be honoured to display this work and others for the Robert Boyle Festival in our home town"

Calmast would also like to pay tribute to Sheila Porter the founder and manager of SciFest and Intel for the successful running of the festival which allows thousands of pupils around the island the chance to display their scientific investigations. Thanks are aslo due to Discover Science and Engineering and the other sponsors for their support.

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Any budding young Robert Boyles who want to follow in Ruairi and Eoghan's footsteps - SciFest 2012 will take place at WIT on Wednesday 25th April

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