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Lord Burlington to offically open Robert Boyle Summer School

A great evening is in store on Sunday 15 July for the opening of the Robert Boyle Summer School with celebrations at Lismore Castle. Our host Lord Burlington will  officially launch the first Annual Robert Boyle Summer School. The evening will also celebrate the granting of the Royal Charter to the Royal Society and acknowledge Boyle's important role in its foundation. The Royal Society is the oldest such learned society in continuous existence and was  the most significant body in the establishment of modern science. To explain the importance of the Royal Society one must merely consider some other names involved in its early years: Sir Christopher Wren, Sir William Petty, Robert Hooke, Edmond Halley and Sir Isaac Newton. The first president was William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker, who was born just across the Cork border at Castlelyons. The Royal Charter for the Royal Society was signed on 15 July 1662, granted by King Charles II 350 years ago on this day!

Lord Burlington is a collateral descendant of Robert Boyle. His family can boast two of history's greatest scientists: Robert Boyle and Henry Cavendish!

Entry to celebrations by ticket only