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Mary Mulvihill to be remembered at Boyle Summer School

Mary Mulvihill who passed away earlier this month will be remembered at The Robert Boyle Summer School on Friday

Mary Mulvihill was known and loved in Ireland's science awareness community and did so much to raise awareness of Ireland's science / STEM heritage and to promote the role of women in science. She will be remembered at the Robert Boyle Summer School which appropriately will be discussing the past, present and future of scientific publishing.

Mary would have been very interested in the story of Robert Boyle's sister Katherine Lady Ranelagh that will be related on Friday afternoon at 3pm in the historic surroundings of St Carthage's Cathedral in Lismore. Dr Michelle DiMeo will relate Ranelagh's fascinating story and reveal a woman of great intellect and influence. The programme committee have decided to dedicate this session to Mary.

Mary had a wonderful gift of making science amazing and accessible and used it to great effect through her journalism, books and radio programmes. She was also a great advocate for women in science being the founding chair of WITs (Women in Technology and Science).

Mary is survived by her husband Dr Brian Dolan of NUIMaynooth and sisters Anne and Nóirín and wider family. She will be greatly missed by all her friends and all of us in the STEM promotion community. Even though she died all too soon she has left a great legacy in written word and voice. She has had a huge influence on the lives of many in science and that will continue on.

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