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Persistence of Objects of Lismore Castle Arts this June

New exhibition celebrating 10 years at Lismore Castle Arts centre

Visitors to the Robert Boyle Summer School in 2015 will get the chance to see a remarkable new exhibition at Lismore Castle Arts which runs from 20 June - 30 August. Lismore Castle Arts are celebrating 10 years presenting visual contemporary art.

Persistence of Objects is the respose of eight remarkable artists: Carol Bove, Gerard Byrne, Duncan Campbell, Steven Claydon, Gabriel Kuri, Basim Magdy, Wolfgang Tillmans and Hayley Tompkins to concrtete objects that defy change.

"These may be objects that have endured through ages or generations, the immutable remnants of previous times – much like the 11th century relics found in St Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore – or simple, timeless, constants occurring in nature in the face of radical and dramatic changes in the world they inhabit."

The exhibits are displayed at the Lismore Castle gallery and other locations around the town.

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