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Reflecting in the Blackwater Valley

Exploring the nearby Blackwater Valley

Sunday afternoon presents an opportunity unwind after the events of the weekend. The Blackwater Valley is an idea location to think on Boyle’s legacy and the other topics explored throughout the weekend.

Why not avail of the rich built and natural heritage in the Blackwater Valley surrounding Lismore? Overlooking the river Blackwater is the Fitzgerald ancestral home. Dromana House is celebrating 800 years of its establishment this summer and is well worth a trip (, boasting walled gardens, scenic views and much more.

Also on the same garden trail, is the remarkably pretty Tourin House & Gardens. Tourin House boasts a long and fascinating history linked to Marconi and most recently, the Jameson’s (of distillery fame) (

We’ll link to many more interesting locations in the river valley over the coming days. Both of the sites suggested here are very close to Lismore and are perfect locations to reflect upon the weekend’s discourse.

There's lots more to do around the Blackwater-- why not try your hand at a Blackwater adventure-- full details on the Discover Lismore website.