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Robert Boyle Summer School 2019

The 8th Robert Boyle Summer School will take place from 20 - 23 June at Waterford City and Lismore and addresses the potentials and perils of SUPERHUMAN.

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| genetic modification |  bionics | cybernetics | prolongation of life | enhancement of memory | exoskeletons | sensory enhancement |

The 8th Robert Boyle Summer School will take place in Waterford City and Lismore from 20 - 23 June 2019.

In the 17th Century Boyle produced a  list of things he thought that the new experimental philosophy might deliver. Top of the list was the "prolongation of life", and he would surely be amazed at the advancements made. How much further can we advance life expectancy and what can we do to ensure that our ageing population is healthy and fit? How can technologies help people suffering illness or infirmity to lead more active and engaged lives? These are all worthy sounding developments, but what about the aim of enhancement  from human to superhuman? This is no longer science fiction and the 8th RBSS will explore the possibilities and perils of SUPERHUMAN.

The school will be based at the recently refurbished Tower Hotel in the heart of the City's Viking Quarter. A coach transfer will bring attendees to Lismore on Saturday 22nd for a programme at the Lismore Heritage Centre and an evening garden party at Boyle's birthplace, Lismore Castle. A special event will take place on Friday evening at Waterford City Hall.

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Speakers include:

Prof Luke O’Neill TCD, limmunologist and author of “Humanology"

Prof Niall Moyna, DCU, health and human performance

Prof Madeleine Lowery, UCD, neuromuscular systems and neural engineering

Prof Tomás Ryan, TCD, neuroscience and memory

Nuala Clarke, Artist, her latest exhibition "Experiments and Considerations Touching Colour" explores Boyle's book of the same name

Other Events:

Friday evening: Dinner at Hobson's Restaurant at the Tower Hotel overlooking the Suir River

Saturday evening: Garden party, Lismore Castle's Jacobean Gardens, with gourmet food and baroque music.

Tour of Waterford's Viking Triangle..

We will also continue the school tradition of recreating of Boyle's original experiments.

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