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Eoin Gill: The Boyle Show

A costumed recreation of Boyle's most important experiments.

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Eoin Gill,

Waterford Institute of Technology

Eoin Gill performs a costumed recreation of Boyle's most famous experiments demonstrating his fundamental discoveries in physics and chemistry. In addition to telling the story of Boyle's life this presentation also shows the transition from the old world view inherited from Aristotle to a recognisably modern scientific approach.


About the speaker

Eoin Gill is a lecturer at Waterford Institute of Technology and a director of Calmast WIT’s award winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) outreach centre. He has been involved in a wide range of public engagement in STEM and is founder of Maths Week Ireland now the largest festival of its kind in the world.

He is particularly passionate about promoting appreciation of Robert Boyle around Ireland and developed the Boyle Shows for this purpose. He has also given presentations on Boyle in Britain, around Europe and as far away as Korea and China.