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RBSS Programme 2018

The 7th Robert Boyle Summer School will ask and seek to answer "What do we know?"

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This follows naturally from the 6th Robert Boyle Summer School which explored "What is Science for?" in addressing fundamental questions of science. What do we know  naturally begs "How do we know it?". It will also allow exploration of the age of big data. What do we know now through the unimaginably huge volumes of data collected on everyone and everything. This then prompts the question "What do they know?" about each of us and how harmful might this be?

A range of Irish and International speakers will address this theme and the school will have a nice blend of social and cultural activities.

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Some Robert Boyle Summer School Alumni

Prof Michael Hunter Dr Michelle Di Meo
Prof Dorothy Bishop FRS Prof Terry Eagleton
Prof John Hedley Brooke Dr Aileen Ffyfe
Image result for jonathan ashmore FRS
Prof Sir John Pethica FRS Prof Jonathan Ashmore FRS
Prof Luke O'Neill Ingrid Hook
Prof Lawrence Principe Dr Anna Marie Roos
Prof Liam Dolan FRS Dr William Eaton
Dr Peter Elmer Dr Allan Chapman
Prof Lorraine Hanlon Prof Iggy McGovern
Keith Moore Prof Jim Malone
Eoin Gill Dr Sheila Donegan