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Robert Boyle Limericks

Compositions were invited from participants at the 2nd Robert Boyle Summer School in Lismore 4 - 7th July 2014.

Robert Boyle Limericks


Competition entries from participants at Robert Boyle Summer School 2013 Lismore.

The first prize was  a copy of the beautiful "Waterford Treasures" by Eamonn McEneaney", With runners up receiving the fascinating "Waterford Scientists" by Donald Brady. Congratulations to all who entered -


Winning Verse:

A Sceptical Chemist called Boyle

Embarked on a lifetime of toil

Nature’s secrets to bare –

From the Spring in the Air

To the elements under the soil.

Gerard Crotty


There was a young chemist named Boyle,

A sceptic of alchemy’s role,

It held that there were,

Just elements four,

But progress, said Boyle, required more

Frank Roden


Th’ Earl of Cork had a son in Lismore

Robert Boyle was his name – that I’m sure

Like a true “Irish Gent”

On “the grand tour” he went

But his vacuum pump’s what he most known for!

Mairsile Gill


The Robert Boyle School in Lismore

Will surely go down in folklore,

So come with me,

It’s the place to be,

To learn science, history and lots more.

Kevin Gill


In school we learnt Boyle’s Law,

But his vacuum pump we never saw,

An acid or Base,

Whichever the case,

He could determine without a flaw.

Collette Gill


There once was a man from Lismore

Whose long-winded writings could bore

He made an air-pump

Hobbes looked like a chump

Robert Boyle forever we’ll adore.

Bill Eaton


The Bold Robert Boyle from Lismore

Brought Chemistry up to the fore

Don’t mind what Paracelcus

Or Aristotle tells us

There’s not three elements or four, but more.

Eoin Gill


Boyle was the man from Lismore

Who did chemistry experiments galore

Pressure doubled half volume

As seen in the column

And it’s known as Boyle’s Law evermore.

Sheila Donegan


Robert Boyle from Lismore’s claim to fame

Was his most audacious claim

That the spring of the air

In foul weather or fair

Leave P times V just the same.

Brian Murray


There was a scientist from Lismore called Boyle,

Who long ago shuffled off his mortal coil

He created a vacuum, ‘twas true,

About this nothing there was much ado,

Amongst his friends in the Society Royal.

Anna Marie Roos


Said Boyle from Lismore “At fixed T

Here’s a gas law they named after me

Enclosing a column

I varied the volume

And found P as one over V.

Annraoi de Paor ( in absentia).


Not So Much a Limerick – More a “Lismore-ick”



A toast to Robert, Gentle and Tall,

Analyst of Living, Dissector of dead.

But found that “All Creatures great and small”

Entropically grunt and smell – quite a dread.



While it's Lismore for Science and the Craic

With Sheila, Jim and Eoin, that’s a given –

But with Carthage and Valentine  at our back

Hail Lismore, Healing centre of Erin!

Chris Shouldice